Ballard Canyon Estate, 2014

94 The Tasting Panel – August 2015


History in a bottle! The grapes for our Ballard Canyon Estate Zinfandel come from one of our estate vineyards - grown from cuttings from the very few remaining vines on Santa Cruz Island off Santa Barbara’s coast. There, almost a century ago, a vineyard and winery thrived. While most of the vines were destroyed after Prohibition, we gathered some survivors, and now Santa Cruz Zinfandel flourishes in Ballard Canyon.

Our 2014 Rusack Zinfandel opens with delicate aromas of Herbs de Provence, sandalwood, and smoky oak. On the palate, soft, silky tannins and hints of blueberries come together to create a lasting finish in this powerful yet elegant wine.

Optimal Storage Conditions:
Constant temperature, 55-58°F, darkness.

Aging Potential:
To enjoy young fruit aromas, consume within 1-3 years of bottling date. For extended aging under ideal conditions, consume within 3-10 years of bottling date.

100% Rusack Estate

Bottle analysis:
Alcohol: 14.5%, pH: 3.56, ta: 0.705 g/100ml

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